Anti-Trump Web Sites

Donald Trump is a paper tiger, and when the majority of Americans who oppose his cruel, greedy presidency come together, his puffed up ego will crumple up into a little ball of futility.

It’s time to get active, to save America from the Mistake In Chief. The following are online anti-Trump resources that can help you get involved.

Americans United Against Trump

Bumper Stickers Against Trump

Corrupt AF

Disrupt 20

Daily Action

Democratic Coalition Against Trump

The DJT Resistance

Grab Your Wallet

Irregular News

Ithaca Against Trump

The Land of Trump

No Ads for Hate

Our Revolution

Resist Here

The Resistance Party

Stick Trump

Spartacus Mosque

Stand Together Against Trump

Trump and Hitler

Trump Bumpers

The UnTrumped

Weekly Action to Resist Trump